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Motorised monitors for furniture integration


The monitor for invisible two-way communication

The DB1Twin is a vertically retractable solution with two screens. Two monitors are placed back to back in a compact anodised aluminium frame. Different contents can be displayed, allowing a 2 way communication in reception desks, information counters or in meeting and conference rooms tables with limited space. The DB1Twin is only visible when required, disappearing inside the table by just the touch of a button or by remote control. DB1Twin is elegant, beautiful from all angles, and discreetly integrated in the meeting room table, disappearing within the desk with a harmonious silent drive.

The DB1Twin has been designed to be veneered. It is completely built in solid anodised aluminium offering a minimal and contemporary look. Aluminium is a durable surface, it is extremely resistent and it also serves to dissipate heat. The anodised finish provides a soft, silky effect. The front anti-reflection double glass protects the screen, reduces the mirror effect, increases contrast and allows natural transparent colours. DB1Twin can be controlled and diagnosed remotely through ERT interfaces in an easy and cost effective way.

DB1Twin double screen monitor
Double screen monitor
Double screen monitor in furniture
Double screen monitor retractable



  • Retractable
  • Double sided display
  • 21,5″
  • Full HD
  • Motorised