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DynamicBarConnect is a motorised retractable connection box that can be customised with different connection systems.
The ergonomic angle of the bar enhances confort and usability. The design is simple, including only 2 operation buttons. It is intuitive and easy to use and to install and integrates a safety mechanism stops the system in case of obstruction.
DynamicBarConnect offers cable management, improved table space and a neater environment.
The motorised cover plate offers many finish options and it also can be veneered to match the surface of the table perfectly.

DynamicBarConnect main features:

  • · Personalised connectors
  • · Customisable cover plate
  • · Maintenance free
  • · HDCP compliant
  • · Energy saving design
  • · Safety system
  • · Compact and space optimising solution
customised retractable connections box
motorised personalised connection box
retractable connections bar
customised connections box
customisable motorised connections box

DynamicBarConnect, customisable motorised connections box.