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ERT Interface and AHnet
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ERT Interface and AHnet

Arthur Holm provides an easy and practical system to control and diagnose the monitors. The ERT interfaces help to reduce the installation costs in terms of equipment and time. Based on a DIN rail system, they are extremely easy to install and to cable. The ERT interfaces not only make the installation faster but they also eliminate the need of external relay boxes and extra power outlets. They provide astonishing features such as reporting the status of the monitors by e-mail.
AHnet Software makes the control of monitors extremely easy, as well as their installation and configuration. It offers data from every device, allowing on site or remotely located staff to get information about the status of up to 900 screens. This feature allows an optimal preparation of meetings and conferences in advance. AHnet software is operated through RS-422 or RS-485. The ERT interface connects the monitors directly to a PC or through a local network, a tablet or iPad or by any standard control system. The open AHnet protocol is the most cost effective solution on the market for the installation and use of motorised Arthur Holm and Albiral monitors. No additional power sources or distribution boxes are needed.
The AHnet solution can send e-mail updates about the monitor status by using standard e-mail accounts and can also allow Arthur Holm service staff to access the installation remotely. It can be simultaneously used in an installation with Dynamic1, Dynamic2/ X2, DB2, Dynamic3, DynamicTabLift, DynamicTalk and DynamicVision. The program detects automatically the model and activates the pertinent menus with specific windows for each model.

ERT range
ERT Interface and AHnet
  • Remote control
  • Remote diagnose
  • E-mail alarm system
  • Energy optimisation
  • Assistance from factory