Have you seen our customised projects yet? Get inspired and share your ideas with us!
Get inspired and share your ideas with us!

For the past 10 years, Arthur Holm has been steadily creating amazing products, each year advancing in both design, quality and technological innovation, this is evident by the spectrum of prestigious international design awards in our collection! Currently we own 27 product patents, have presence in over 45 countries, with products and solutions in more than 20,000 installations.

We would love to share our know-how with you, and we can help you discover how our products can be adapted to your specific needs. We can propose custom solutions to match interior designer & architect requirements for a perfect integration of design, performance and technology, plus we have an experienced, highly skilled team of mechanical and electronic designers who can work every step of the way with you.

We would love to show you how we can make your ideas become a reality, so if you don’t see what you are looking for in our varied and extensive product range then please contact us.

Please take a look below at some of our previous custom projects. Get inspired and share your ideas with us!

UnderCover is an integrated, automated cover plate that conceals Arthur Holm’s range of vertical motorised monitors, and various audio & connectivity options. UnderCover is available in stainless steel and can be veneered to match any material for a perfect flawless finish.

The DynamicX2Talk Share integrates a retractable monitor, (DynamicX2) with a Full HD video distribution and selection system (DynamicShare). This customisation includes a retractable microphone (DynamicTalk) and bronze finish.

The DynamicX2 UnderCover combines the UnderCover with the DynamicX2 monitor. This customisation also integrates the DynamicShare with a retractable HDMI cable so users can connect and show their own devices.

Dynamic1HTalk incorporates a motorised horizontal Dynamic1H monitor with the DynamicTalk “gooseneck” microphone. This customisation also integrates multimedia connectors, speaker, voting options and a simultaneous translation system.

The DynamicX2Talk combines the DynamicX2 retractable motorised monitor, with the DynamicTalk “gooseneck” style microphone lifting system, perfect for all conference needs

The Dynamic3Talk integrates the Dynamic3 multi-position motorised monitor, with DynamicTalk “gooseneck” microphone. The range offers touch screen, keyboard, camera, and share options for the best AV conference solutions

The Dynamic3Share integrates the Dynamic3 monitor with the DynamicShare, an intuitive AV collaboration system for meeting room participant sharing. Features include an automatic retractable HDMI cable for easy connection

The DynamicX2BC is the intelligent combination of the DynamicX2 monitor, with a motorised fully customised connection bar-BarConnect. The bar is bespoke to your requirements, and the independent motors provide smooth and easy movement. A superb ergonomic design guarantees a perfect angle incline will not obstruct vision. For safety, a security mechanism will stop the system if a connector is attached. This is the perfect conference solution!