When we look back on 2021 in years to come, we will realise that it has been an unusual year. We all thought it would be the year of a return to “normality”, some even predicted an economic upswing, yet here we are, still stuck in a state of uncertainty and unpredictability. The recovery is much slower than expected and for companies like ours, have created a whole set of problems like the shortage of key components for our products, the rising cost of raw materials, an increase in energy prices, not to forget the impact on productivity that forced us to find workaround solutions, and have tested our ability to adapt to change. And while we have seen that recovery depends on many factors, what is undeniable is that both technology and innovation have proved to be vital in an increasingly unpredictable and changing world.

2021 has been a year of recognition for the incredible innovation from Arthur Holm’s entire team, and we didn’t want to end it without saying a big thank you. Here’s some amazing products from the year: Our DynamicSpeaker – the only motorised loudspeaker on the market that can be concealed into the furniture. This unique solution was winner of the iF Design Award, and became a permanent fixture at the Barcelona Design MuseumA true testament to the ingenuity, creativity and quality of this unique product.

And the Dynamic4 – a solution that guarantees the best possible image and sound, as well as maximising space efficiency for hybrid meetings – won two awards: the Inavation Technology Award and the Emerging Technology Award for Workplaces. Cutting-edge in every aspect from aesthetics to functionality. A solution that caters to both remote and face-to-face meetings where the human element is central, that optimises space and creates spacial flexibility, and for collaborative work rooms that host a variable number of participants, able to share information from their personal devices.

We would also like to share our pride in promoting the values of sport in our local community: we collaborated in the “Up Xic” race and we helped the Voltregà Football Club and the Skating Club, two organisations that promote hard work, perseverance, dedication and passion. And, of course, none of this would be possible without the contribution of all those who make up Arthur Holm: from our valued employees to valued customers, suppliers, partners and friends.

Finally, a big Thank You for the trust you have placed in us. We will continue to work hard, innovate and adapt to whatever may come our way.