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Custom technology solutions


Custom technology solutions

Working in close cooperation with interior consultants, architects and AV system integrators, we have developed a complete and 100 % flexible product range of design monitors for Hotels. Static, Rise, Drop, totem and kiosk Solutions have been installed in the most prestigious design worldwide Hotels all over the World and they fit the most contemporary and luxury environments.

All the details have been taking into consideration, from the materials to the ease of installation and service. ARTHUR HOLM puts at your disposal a team of designers, mechanical and electronic engineers to design the product that best replies to the end user needs.

We construct our products with high end materials and cutting edge technology that will allow providing the best balance between functionality and the hotel’s interior design. For wall signaling, reception areas, business centers, information counters… Whatever the user needs, we have a solution.

ARTHUR HOLM totems and kiosks provide a timeless, discreet, elegant and compact design to fit the most critical environments. And our Dynamic, Table top and Gooseneck products can be used from the reception to the business centers.


  • Enhances communication
  • Reflects the company´s brand identity
  • Helps to create flexible spaces

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