From the electronics design to the mechanisms engineering and material selection, Arthur Holm meticulously oversees every stage of the manufacturing process. Durability, eco-friendliness, and meticulousness are foundational to our approach.

We meticulously choose top-quality materials for our products, from industrial LCD panels to our in-house-designed electronics and mechanisms, right down to the finishes we employ. We prioritize materials like aluminum, glass, and stainless steel, fostering circularity by offering long-term servicing and maintenance for extended product lifespans.

In our factory, every product undergoes rigorous manual inspection, ensuring quality with a keen eye and attentive ear. We’re committed to crafting products built to endure, withstanding the test of time. Innovation runs deep in our DNA; we continuously introduce new features and expand our product line year after year.

Backed by years of experience, our engineers and mechanical designers are dedicated to finding solutions and embracing creativity at every turn.


Craft Manufacturing:

We tailor our products to meet the unique needs and preferences of clients. Whether it’s custom finishes, sizes, or functionalities, Arthur Holm offers flexibility to ensure that our solutions seamlessly integrate into diverse environments and design. Because each meeting room is different and has its own personality!

From the initial design concept to the final product assembly, every step is carefully monitored and inspected to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.

User-Centric Design Approach:

We place a strong emphasis on understanding the needs of end-users when designing our products. Through extensive research and user testing, we ensure that our solutions not only look impressive but also deliver intuitive and user-friendly experiences.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation:

The company’s commitment to ongoing research and development efforts aimes at pushing the boundaries of design, craftsmanship, and technology. By staying abreast of emerging trends and listening to our customers feedback, Arthur Holm consistently introduces new innovations and improvements to our product lineup.


At Arthur Holm, teamwork isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our success. Our diverse team, comprising electronic designers, mechanical engineers, concept developers, production workers, and sales team members from around the world, come together in harmony to conceive and cultivate innovative products and concepts. Just to create outstanding and the most iconic meeting and conference rooms around the world!

Each member of our team brings their unique expertise and perspective to the table, enriching our creative process and propelling us towards groundbreaking solutions. From the initial spark of an idea to the final product launch, collaboration is woven into every step of our journey.

Electronic designers harness cutting-edge technology, mechanical engineers sculpt precision-engineered mechanisms, and concept developers infuse creativity and vision into our projects. Meanwhile, our dedicated production workers bring these concepts to life with meticulous craftsmanship, while our sales team members ensure that our innovations reach the hands of those who need them.

Despite our geographical diversity, we are united by a shared passion for excellence and a drive to push the boundaries of possibility. Through open communication, mutual respect, and a relentless pursuit of innovation, we overcome challenges and achieve feats that surpass expectations.

In the fast-paced world of technology, collaboration is not just an option – it’s a necessity. At Arthur Holm, we understand that our greatest achievements are realized when we work together as one cohesive unit, harnessing the collective brilliance of our global team to create products that redefine industry standards.

Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility:

Whether through charitable donations, volunteer activities, or environmental conservation initiatives, the company is dedicated to making a positive impact beyond our products and services. We prouldly support sport activities in the small village where we are located, helping the Voltregà Futbol Club, the Voltregà hockey team and the Up Xic Trail race.