« We believe that meeting spaces are more important than ever. Meeting spaces should provide unique and personalised inspiring experiences to help making the best decisions while enhancing creativity. We want to inspire and to shape the meeting spaces. »

This is why we create innovative technology solutions that seamlessly integrate in furniture design: beautiful, invisible, intuitive, reliable and compatible with third devices. Arthur Holm is the result of combining the Scandinavian design tradition with the Mediterranean creativity, passion and emotion; a wide product range built on more than 25 years of craftsmanship and in constant evolution. We transform the technology in something truly unique. Our goal is to capture the personality and the soul of each meeting space by customising the technology to create personal and memorable experiences. The meeting room becomes unique and special such as the people that will use it. And just by being there, the attendees focus better, become more creative, participate more and make better decisions. And we provide customisation that is not only aesthetic in nature — choosing the black, bronze or gold finish instead of the aluminium one, for example, but also based on features unique to each customer.

We keep searching the perfect balance between performance, reliability, elegance and discreetness. When we designed the DB2 and the UnderCover, we wanted to leave the smallest footprint on the table’s surface while having the minimum impact on the furniture design. The DB2 is unique in its category; easy to integrate, intuitive to use (one simple operation sensor located on top of the monitor) and almost invisible (as it has no cover plate it is neatly streamlined into the furniture).

The UnderCover can be veneered to perfectly match the table finish and it allows the integration of discussion, conference features and different types of connectors (power outlet, USB power, RJ-45, HDMI, etc.) Its motorized cover will slide down inside the table and, since it has been specially designed for veneering, provides a uniform finish of the furniture.

The technology is there only when needed, and it disappears within the desk leaving almost no trace when not in use. Yet an ingenious, flexible and elegant solution.

The DynamicTalk is also available as UnderCover and it is compatible with the main conference brands on the market. It can be customised by adding speakers, voting and channel selection features so elegance and functionality is combined at its best level.

In addition to the endless customization possibilities, we always try to facilitate the integration of all the devices. The AHlink APP is an IOS and Android compatible app that enables the control and the setup of all motorized devices. It has been designed to help system integrators to adjust and setup different parameters. It helps to safe installation and service time while enhancing the users’ experience.

Our team puts its heart, passion and pride in all our designs. We are at your disposal to find the perfect solution for your project!