We are thrilled to announce that the new retractable monitor DB3 has been selected as a finalist for the ADI Awards 2024!

Innovation, usability, aesthetics, discretion, durability, and sustainability were all considered in the design of this new retractable aluminum monitor. The design of the DB3 follows the style of its predecessor, the DB2. The design and concept of the DB3 have been considered crucial aspects. These include the ability to adjust the screen’s position on the table to limit its height, addressing ergonomic comfort needs and ensuring visibility for people seated around a meeting table.

Furthermore, the screen smoothly inclines towards the user, allowing them to stop the movement and memorize the position at the desired angle. The movement is harmonious and silent, maintaining the beauty of the DB2 with its simple, elegant, and timeless style. True to the company’s values, sustainable materials such as aluminum and glass were used to create this innovative retractable monitor. The 21.5” LCD industrial display panel comes with a long life, and the in-house designed electronics are energy-efficient. The AHlink app offers comfortable and intuitive adjustment during integration and throughout the life of this impressive monitor.

The monitor provides 2 DVI HDCP compliant inputs, and the movements can be locally controlled by capacitive touch buttons integrated on the screen’s front glass, by RS-422, or via the wireless app: AHlink. The monitor emerges vertically from the table’s surface and can slide down up to 20 degrees of inclination on top of the desk. The automated hatch is specially designed for veneering and table top matching, providing a streamlined finish for the meeting table; the automated hatch is also available in black anodized aluminiummaking the monitor ready to install directly from the shipping box.

And options of touch screen and DynamicShare are available!

The Delta Awards aim to celebrate excellence in design and emphasize its importance as a prime tool for creating wealth in an industrial economy, as well as highlighting its role as an expression of our culture. Industrial design is the process that shapes the multitude of anonymous objects we live with every day and makes them possible. Behind every one of them are professionals who has worked responsibly, keeping in mind the user, manufacturing processes, applied creativity and competitiveness, and also companies that have invested in design as a strategic value.

The ADI Awards ceremony is a meeting point for the sector and an event that highlights the energy and richness of the territory in the field of industrial design. All the products will be shown to the public on the pages of the ADI Book and can be seen in the ADI Awards 2024 exhibition, an exhibition that brings together the winning works of the awards held at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.

The jury’s veredict will be announced on June 13th in The Disseny Hub Barcelona.

Fingers crossed!