There are concepts that remain in fashion despite the passage of time. Or, let’s say that the passage of time strengthens them. We are talking about visionary geniuses whose philosophy seems to endure, and is seemingly immune to the years that pass. When you read their work, it is as fresh as if they had written it yesterday.

Dieter Rams is one of them. Rams was head of design at Germany’s Braun AG from 1968 to 1995. Like all geniuses, Rams developed his own style and wrote a book in 1995: “Less but better” in which he set out the ten principles of good design.

According to Rams good design is:

1) Good design must be innovative: Rams tells us that the possibilities for innovation in design are endless. Technological development continually offers new opportunities for innovation.

2) Good design should make a product useful: The primary goal of design is usability.

3) Good design is aesthetic: Beauty is inherent in good design.

4) Good design makes a product understandable: It is necessary to simplify and create products that are intuitive to use.

5) Good design is honest: An honest design never tries to deceive the consumer with false promises.

6) Good design is discreet: All design should strive for timelessness, neutrality and simplicity.

7) Good design has a long life: All fads are inherently transient and subjective.

8) Good design is consistent in every detail: Good design never leaves anything to chance.

9) Good design respects the environment.

10) Good design is design at its simplest and minimal.

Each and every one of these principles has been taken into account in the design of our new DB3 monitor. While the DB2 was our motorized monitor that made the least impact on the meeting table’s design, (it doesn’t have a top cover that requires a stainless steel plate integrated on the table surface), the design and concept of the DB3 has taken into account such important aspects as being able to adjust the screen’s position on the table to limit its height, and thus respond to ergonomic comfort needs and visibility towards other people seated around a meeting table. Also, the screen slides smoothly towards the user, who can stop the movement, and fix the position at the desired angle. The movement is harmonious and silent. The beauty of the DB2 has been maintained; the same simple, elegant, timeless style. True to our values, the materials used for the creation of this innovative, retractable monitor are sustainable (aluminum and glass) and the 21.5” LCD industrial display panel, that comes with a long life. The electronics, designed entirely in-house, are energy efficient, and the AHlink app provides comfortable and intuitive adjustment during integration, and as well as throughout the life of this magnificent monitor.

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