We are absolutely thrilled to have achieved a Silver Delta Award 2020, a prestigious recognition to the Integration between technology and design. The DynamicSpeaker has been distinguished for its industrial design, its innovative character, the manufacturing process and its aesthetical and functional relevance, and it will form part of the permanent industrial design collection of Barcelona’s Design Museum.

Ethically responsible towards individuals, society and the environment, new products comprise the tangible and intangible culture of an era, and the Delta Awards help to record and highlight this heritage in Catalonia and in Spain.

There have been 39 editions of the Delta Awards during the last 58 years, with alternating periods of annual and biannual competitions, always with the aim of recognising and promoting products with an innovative character, formal validity, functional and aesthetic relevance, environmentally suitability, with social impact, quality manufacturing processes and appropriate use of technologies and materials.

The Delta Awards jury is independent and international. It comprises experts in different fields related to product design, who assess the products in the exhibition of the ADI 2020 awards according to the following criteria:

• → The innovative nature of the proposal from a conceptual, formal, functional, productive, strategic, social and semantic standpoint.
• → Communication capacity of the product and its cultural and aesthetic values.
• → Integration between technology and design.
• → Usability of the product.
• → Aspects of sustainability and environmental suitability.

Thank you very much!!!!!