Since our beginnings, we have fought tirelessly with the goal of creating inspiring, beautiful, durable, safe and easy-to-use products. We are driven by curiosity, creativity and by the desire to constantly improve and learn. To do this, we combine the tradition of Scandinavian design with Mediterranean flexibility, passion and curiosity to fight and make the impossible possible; we use the best materials and craftmanship customisation to meet the specific needs of each user and in the shortest possible time.

We could not outsource this kind of production to any other manufacturer: the suppliers would run away scared. We are specialists in converting the spark of an idea into a product; a magical transformation to which each and every one of us contributes: sales people, engineers, designers and factory operators. We work side by side and restlessly until we find the desired solution. Pure alchemy. And all this to allow users to concentrate on the content of the presentations, without the messy spaces or noises that distracts them, allowing them to focus on what really matters so they can give their best. Therefore, we try to create products that influence the mood of the users, that generate positive and longlasting emotions and that allow meetings to reach the hearts of the participants. We want the attendees of a meeting to be able to make the best decisions.

Our goal is to innovate in designs that integrate seamlessly into the furniture, that move silently and in harmony as if they were dancing to the beat of an inspiring melody. Safe, beautiful and easy-to-use designs that allow users to concentrate on the contents to achieve the objectives of the meeting without distractions and without fright, with the best image and the best sound quality, with an impressive design and with the security of using the best materials.

We use noble materials such as anodised aluminium and glass. Aluminium is a sustainable, robust, durable, corrosion resistant and heat disipator material. Anodising is a treatment that is applied to the surface of the aluminum and that treatment creates a resistant layer of oxide giving it a silky finish and a pleasant touch, while acting as a protectant. Our aluminum is one of the best in the world, with the same alloy that is used in aeronautics. The glass has also been carefully selected, we apply a double-sided anti-glare treatment and assemble it in a clean room to have strictly controlled environmental parameters: particles in the air, temperature, humidity, air flow, internal air pressure and lighting.

We completely design the electronics as well as an application that allows the control, the adjustment and the diagnosis of our motorised products. And we only use professional panels since we firmly believe that our brand users deserve 100% professional solutions. We are working as hard as we can to surprise you in the next edition of the largest world audiovisual exhibition: Integrated Systems Europe, held in Amsterdam, from February 11th to the 14th. We will be waiting for you! Come feel the magic! You won’t be disappointed!