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The University of Kuwait

The University of Kuwait

Customized Dynamic2 monitors installed at The Kuwait University boardroom


Kuwait University is an institution that was founded in October 1966 with 4 colleges. The institutional mission is to keep , develop , and disseminate human knowledge , in addition to developing national human resources in order to create leaders who are aware of national heritage and future needs in collaboration with other academic institutions of similar mission , through strengthening national, Arabic, and Islamic values and principles, disseminating knowledge, developing and investing in human resources, achieving excellence and distinction in education, scientific research, and community services and utilizing modern technology.

This prestigious University recently chose black customized Arthur Holm‘s Dynamic2 monitors to upgrade its boardroom. The University initiated the project with the idea of having a bigger boardroom to accommodate a larger gathering for conferences and board meetings. With this renovation plan they decided to include the best that technology could provide them without having to make major architectural changes in the room. One of the main issues was that the ceiling height didn’t permit a screen large enough to provide legibility given the long viewing distances. That is when the University’s technical committee decided to use monitors on the table. Having learnt of the new exclusive Arthur Holm range of silent retractable monitors the University opted for these elegant monitors to be integrated into the customized conference table.

These Arthur Holm screens can be raised, lowered and inclinated 20º at the push of a button, staying completely out of sight inside the conference table, so when they are not required the monitors stay lowered providing the delegates an unobtrusive view of the room and better meeting space. Located in a space with enough daytime light but without any glare, the room has been designed to seat 33 persons and has been equipped with a table that has been specially designed and manufactured for them and perfectly integrating the monitors.