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The DynamicCL is an universal motorized camera lift system that retracts the camera and its connection cable when not in use. It has been designed to hide table cameras when not in use.

This universal motorized camera lift has integrated USB power for the camera, and USB connectivity for camera feed. The cable retracts with the camera, leaving the table free from any obstruction. And it is also available without a retractable cable, for fixed connectivity. All its movements can be controlled remotely via RS422, AHlink or locally on the device. The DynamicCL has the well-known Arthur Holm build quality with a smooth and almost silent movement of the camera. It has a brushed stainless steel cover plate with a capacitive touch button to control the up and down motion.

  • Universal motorized lift for 360º cameras
  • Stainless steel cover plate
  • Local or remotely controllable