DB2 at the home of Casa SEAT, emblematic of the city of Barcelona

DB2 at the home of Casa SEAT, emblematic of the city of Barcelona

Functionality, elegance, simplicity, motion, and discreetness merge as one, to achieve an exquisite result. This is the essence of Arthur Holm's DB2 design, retractable monitors which make the minimum impact on the meeting table’s aesthetics.

Spain - 2021

Behind a round glass façade, designed by the studio of Carlos Ferrater, the impressive new CASA SEAT rises in the heart of Barcelona with the aim of transforming the company’s Brand Experience Centre. CASA SEAT was created with the idea of becoming a hub for trends, culture, art, design, technology, sustainability, and urban mobility. The first thing that catches the eye is the smooth, curved shape of the building, free from corners and angles.

The effect is one of complete continuity, achieved mainly by the curvilinear glass, screen-printed in bronze, and unique in the world, which enhances the building’s transparency. This continuous effect is also what was sought in the design of the meeting table. The aim was to create a design that Is able to accommodate audio and video technology, as well as multiple connections and charging points for users. The room required maximum versatility for a variety of uses, anything from face-to-face and hybrid meetings to video podcast recordings.

As expected, the DB2 installation achieved the desired effect. These unique monitors leave barely a trace on the table surface – just a fine, unnoticeable line.

They are so easy to integrate, extremely user-friendly (they are raised by using a touch sensor or remotely), both stylish and elegant. They guarantee perfect visibility of multimedia content and images captured by the videoconferencing cameras, and retract silently inside the table when the work surface needs to be cleared (e.g. when recording a podcast). Design and functionality unite in this unique, advanced motorized monitors range. The monitors are manufactured in black anodised aluminium, a sustainable, recyclable, durable and resilient material, that blends perfectly with the table’s main area finish.

The DB2 monitors are concealed during podcast recordings.
The DB2 monitors are concealed during podcast recordings.

And not forgetting the ingenious application developed by Arthur Holm, the AHlink app, which allows rapid access to system settings and diagnostics; an easy-to-use, outstanding solution to assist installation and configuration. The app is free and can be installed on any mobile phone.

The audio-visual solution, designed and installed by our partner MC Ingenieros, also featured 14 motorized cable cubbies in matt black finish, with power sockets, USB chargers and HDMI connectors, specially designed and manufactured for this project.

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