Dynamic3, the perfect folding monitor for KNPC’s crisis management room

Dynamic3, the perfect folding monitor for KNPC’s crisis management room

In recent times, there have been a significant number of global crises that are more challenging than those that occurred in the past. Recent crises differ in the sense that they are unprecedented, unusually severe, and cross-country borders. This means that crisis management involves prompt and effective coordination of many stakeholders, as well as data collection and assessment from many different sources. The purpose of a Crisis Management Centre is to accommodate all key people that handle disaster logistics; assessing the risks and resources required, consolidating information, making decisions, and defining the communication strategy. In crisis situations of this scale, gathering information, making decisions, and directing the right responses requires good coordination and, as a result, emergency centres must adapt their approaches, action plans and tools to deal with these new crises quickly and effectively.

Kuwait - 2022

Secure, flexible, strong and reliable technology

Technology plays an important role and that’s why it is so important to choose the best available for the rooms; secure, flexible, strong and reliable, easy to operate and designed to assist user interaction, at the same time maximising table space and versatility.

So, all these factors were taken into consideration by the Kuwaiti systems integrator Evolve, who was responsible for the construction and set-up of KNPC’s (Kuwait National Petroleum Company) main Crisis Management Centre.

The KNPC CMC operations centre is activated if an incident occurs in Kuwait state involving oil sector operations and linked with other K-Companies. The centre uses secure conferencing, audio-visual, and data exchange systems to manage crises and resolve incidents quickly and efficiently.

The CMC is dominated by a 6m wide x 2m high video wall that displays multiple video feeds. In front of this is a conference table that seats 17 people. The conference table shaped like a “V”, with a free open structure and is equipped with Arthur Holm Dynamic3 motorized folding monitors, conference microphones and AV cable cubbies, (as well as the latest communication and collaboration technologies).

Everything is controlled by a Crestron control system that smoothly activates various work scenarios.

Dynamic3: the folding monitor that uses minimal desk space

Dynamic3 is a range of motorized folding products, providing different working positions while using minimum depth when integrated inside the desk, and leaves a smooth furniture surface. The aluminium monitor lifts and tilts, has an 180° rotational movement and can retract into the work surface in 2 different positions: with the monitor facing either upwards or downwards. The Dynamic3’s state-of-art sophisticated electronics automatically detects the screen’s position, displaying the image in the correct orientation. If the sensors detect any resistance, the movement stops to protect the user. The screen lift system activates automatically by raising a tray where a keyboard and mouse can be comfortably placed. An optional touchscreen can be used in a position completely flush with the work surface.

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