The Qatar Free Zones Authority

The Qatar Free Zones Authority

In 2018, Qatar created an independent establishment called the Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA), to oversee and regulate world-class “free zones” in Qatar, that offer outstanding opportunities and benefits for businesses seeking to expand globally. These 'free zones' are intended to promote and encourage foreign investment into the state by offering specific commercial concessions which are attractive to international businesses. QFZA has a vision to become the world’s best, by providing a combination of state of the art infrastructure, unparalleled global connectivity, with a commitment to sustainability and business ease and simplicity.

With that being the case, it was vital that QFZA used the best system integrator and technology possible to create a sustainable, accessible, and versatile meeting area that encourages participation, networking, concentration, inspiration and creativity while communicating the corporate values of QFZA. So the Qatar based system integrator Mannai Corporationwas chosen for the project and carefully considered all elements when designing this meeting room, from the quality and sustainability* of the materials to the forms, shapes and unique functionalities.

So, the unanimous product choices were the retractable Dynamic2 17” monitor, integrated with the DynamicTalk in front and customized to fit a Shure MXC420/C gooseneck microphone and a MXCMIU-FS plate.

The Dynamic2 offers a timeless, classic, discreet design with squared edges. The monitors are built entirely from a single, solid block of anodised aluminium and have an extremely speedy yet silent lift system. The monitors feature patented vertical motorized mechanism with an automatic 20° tilting movement, to ensure the best ergonomics, visibility and viewing angle. This automatic tilt system provides an immediate, silent yet solid response, both highly reliable and maintenance-free. The gooseneck microphones retractable system was built into the monitor’s cover plate enabling an automated circular cover to fold inside the unit, which allows a black anodised component to lift up with fixed Speak and Function buttons (and a lockable connector) for the MXC gooseneck microphones. The mechanism includes a“centralised” element to align the microphone during its rise (adjustable  between a hidden position below the cover, and a top position projected through the cover). This ingenious movement of the “centralised” element prevents microphone damages or blockages when retracting. In addition, the addressable RS-422 control by AHnet open protocol allows an individual remote control, set up and diagnostic of up to 30 units per line. Both Dynamic2 and DynamicTalk provide adjustable mechanical parameters through the AHnet, or through a small Display (ISD).  Lastly, the project also included DynamicLoop, a management solution to distribute the video signal to “daisy chain” the monitors in a loop using HDMI cables inside the table.

After lots of hard work, the end result was: Perfection. This amazing meeting room now has a stunning classical and timeless design, the combination of elements such as the natural wood’s warmth in the table, with the dignified magnificence of the aluminium monitors. The sheer simplicity yet absolute innovation that creates and makes the technology “disappear” when not in use should not be underestimated. It creates a focus on the presentation, both visually and audibly, while having enough space for meeting participants to take notes and connect their own devices. So, the project simplicity of both the installation and integration, will allow attendees to open their minds more, be creative and not think of technical constraints.

With the entire world a different place today than 12 months ago it is easy to understand how the world of “virtual” meetings has exploded. 

Today it seems that everyone has had a Zoom or Hangouts meeting experience to share, (with a chairperson too in some cases), whether good or bad. So, the more things change, sometimes the more they stay the same is true. It appears that as companies and businesses attempt to carry on and build themselves anew, a meeting room is one of the few things that still has value.  It is the one place where installers, consultants and designers can still work together, building and creating a safe environment to connect with everyone. And depending of course on the budget, what better message to give customers that it is your business they want, or to impress clients with the stylish, hi-tech, or luxurious surroundings. Maybe now, more than ever before, the meeting room has finally found its place and is here to stay.

Arthur Holm has been conscious of the sustainability of their many years, and finally it seems the rest of the manufacturing world is catching up! The use of both aluminium and stainless steel are prominent materials in all their products, and with good reason. Aluminium is arguably the most sustainable building material in the world and is also highly recyclable. The recycling process creates high quality aluminium which loses none of the physical properties of primary aluminium.

Likewise, stainless steel is non-degradable, durable, sustainable and 100% recyclable. As the world relies more and more on recycling materials, these metals are increasingly the sustainable material of choice. Strong, lightweight, durable and highly recyclable, aluminium and stainless steel are vital materials that keep the modern world moving.

About Mannai:

The Information & Communication Technology Division of Mannai Corporation, Mannai ICT, is a Qatar’s leading Systems Integrator. Mannai ICT provides end-to-end solutions throughout the whole technology stack. Starting from passive networking, to active networking, over servers & storage to peripheral IT Hardware, integrated IT solutions to customized software applications. Since its foundation more than 30 years ago, Mannai ICT has been working closely with public institutions and private businesses to support the breathtaking technological transformation of the State of Qatar.

As such, Mannai ICT is proud to have a customer base of more than 5,000 entities ranging from blue-chip enterprises to ministries and SME private businesses and to support them in enhancing their IT infrastructure and technological capabilities in line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030.

Mannai ICT’s Networking & ELV division provides innovative next generation technology solutions for IT Infrastructure based on industry best practices to address needs of small, medium, enterprise, government, defence & service-Provider customers. Networking and ELV division an industry standard ‘Avixa’ Gold partner with experience and certified CTS technical team have carried out over 100 projects ranging from control centres, meeting room solutions, video conferencing and unified communication solutions, remote learning solutions, class room solutions, broadcast solutions, AV and home automation, control Centres with Videowall solutions, public address and emergency solutions, digital signage, CATV and IP Television (IPTV) to name a few for over 15 years.

The division provides highly capable PMO team of qualified project management professionals (PMPs) – all of whom are based locally in Doha/Qatar who drive every project adhering to quality and standards as well as in completion with 5-star customer satisfaction experience.

Additionally, Mannai Networking & ELV operates a 24×7 Help Desk Service to cater to customer calls and address all AV related issues around the clock and also provide state-of-the-art training facilities at their dedicated in-house demo, solution and experience Centres.

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