For the last few years now, January has always been an incredibly hectic month in the last leg of the final sprint to get products ready for Integrated Systems Europe, always held in Amsterdam in February. We pack warm clothes in our cases, and look forward to present our latest innovations, meet our partners and friends, exchange ideas, (while enjoying a delicious hot Dutch coffee together). To get there we worked relentlessly to offer inspiring, magical, powerful and long-lasting experiences that would amaze visitors to our stand. Who would have imagined then that Integrated Systems Europe 2020 would be the last real event we would attend – what can we say, there are no words! The following months were nerve wracking, sad and very stressful. Some of us lost loved ones, many lost their jobs and we all had to be strong, and try to reinvent ourselves and to adapt to new ways of working and living. But our reason for being remained constant, and we continued to strive with our best weapons: creativity, passion for innovation, speed, flexibility, and the support and service quality we offer. So this year of 2021, we look to the future with hope: for the very first time Integrated Systems Europe will be held in Barcelona in June, (this time we are playing at home!) The normally cold February will melt into the warmth of the Mediterranean and we are counting the days until we can wow you again with innovative products that combine functionality with the magic of movement. We can’t wait to see you again and welcome you to our stand, and offer you a coffee or a refreshing drink.

And it really doesn’t matter if you weren’t able to make it to Amsterdam; you can visit our virtual event whenever you want! The AHDynamicExpo2020 comes subtitled in Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and German versions.  It does have some advantages: we are available to you 100% (without the interruptions of a noisy international fair), you can repeat explanations and features about each product as many times as you want, and you can meet the Arthur Holm team with ease and no pressure. And if you want to discuss any project in private, you know that we are always there. So please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In February we will start our Van Tour 2021, taking all the necessary precautions to conduct safe demonstrations. Soon we will announce the planned dates and routes! A new year starts and we get going!

Spanish version:

French version:

Italian version:

Russian version:

Various Webinars and tutorials about our products are also available:

“Extraordinary invisible sound”:

“Distribution, control and diagnostic tools from Arthur Holm”:

“Navigating the new era of meeting rooms”:

“Designing Technology with the smallest footprint on the furniture design”:

“Office, sweet office”: