“Dress vulgarly and they will only see the dress, dress elegantly and they will see the woman”, said Coco Chanel. The same could be said of a cluttered meeting table, with wires in full view, withoutdated and intrusive technology (apart from being uninviting), will result in our minds being distracted by details that have no benefit.

On the other hand, an inviting well-designed table, with technology visible only when it’s needed, ready for instant connection to remote teams, and customised for each company, will put the focus firmly on the message, essence and purpose of the meeting.

This is the very nature of Arthur Holm’s DB2 design, retractable monitors that have the minimum impact on the meeting table aesthetics. Functionality, elegance, simplicity, mobility and discretion merge to create an exquisite result.

DB2 monitors are unique in their category, and in a class of their own. The unique design allows them to be fully furniture integrated without leaving a trace on the table. This means there is no need for differing materials because they have no table top cover, and fit flush on the table with a mere 20 millimetres. The elegance is not only in the design aesthetic, but also in the smooth motion, which is activated by a touch sensor placed on the top frame of the monitor ,or via remote control, or by an app developed by Arthur Holm.

The movement is smooth, noiseless and perfectly balanced.

Made of machined and anodised aluminium with a glass front (aluminium is a durable, resilient, sustainable material, and the anti-reflective glass protects the screen and improves contrast), the DB2 retractable monitors allow for finish customisation. So, if the table

is black, the monitor can be personalised to match in that colour and the final effect is incredible: discretion, simplicity and elegance at its very best.

Its functionality is also unique: the DB2 monitor uses a low power consumption video controller and has an Interactive Set-up Display (ISD) of 2.2” that makes local and remote configuration, operation and diagnostics very easy, so no need to remove the monitor from the cabinet. The AHnet (RS-422) communication protocol includes remote control of monitor brightness, contrast and saturation.


Once connected to the ERT interface, The assisted addressing system is both simple and practical and enables the monitors address settings by just just pressing a button in the simplest and most practical way possible.

It includes an Autocheck function for self-diagnostics and internal safety functions, as well as preset speed and safety values (allowing for a quick reset to factory settings if necessary).

And lastly, the AHlink app provides control, adjustment and verification from mobile phones, as well as data analytics that provide valuable information about the use of the equipment.