Audio-Visual technology is having a bit of a renaissance. Gone are the “boring” boxy products and dull dusty conference rooms, now the challenge of companies and organisations is to make their AV environments as comfortable, inspiring, and creatively planned as possible, and we are seeing an exciting trend where the role and influence of interior designers is increasing.

A vintage sun-microsystems keyboard

The world of AV products and systems is extremely powerful and influential since they have the potential to optimise business, revolutionise learning, inspire new marketing techniques and change the way consumers view a brand. With so much at stake it’s essential that the employees that work in these environments are as inspired and happy to be there as possible, that’s why organisations are aiming to create the perfect spaces to get the maximum productivity out of their employees, while trying to get the most value out of the real estate per square metre that they can. This tendency to create enticing work environments is growing, and designers’ skills are being used to cleverly achieve the desired effects.

AV technology combined with colours, textures, design features, Karim Rashid office interior

So, what are the main steps to accomplish this? Well, to start it’s essential to involve the following professionals:

-Audio-Visual system integrators. Fundamental to help the client realise the benefits of technology by designing systems in the optimum way for the end users, and by assisting with the aesthetic and budget requirements.

-Architects. Their expertise is essential to incorporate design features into the space, while cleverly concealing any AV technology (like cables) within the architectural details

-Interior designers/decorators. They now have greater influence over the technology that goes into a space, especially when that technology is visible, requires a special material or when it impacts on the furniture.

And one of the most challenging aspects of interior designing around spatial technology integration is to be aware of how all the elements impact one another.

With the advent of millennials in the workplace, plus easy connectivity from anywhere, expectations have never been higher to combine state-of-the-art technology that looks stylish, well designed, that has simple functions, the idea being that the technology used at home (which looks good and performs well), should be translated to the work environment. Indeed, the personal technology used every day is smooth, logical and usually uncomplicated. Apps are downloaded and intuitively understood. The same is expected when entering a meeting space, the need to know how to use the technology, and to feel comfortable and motivated by the interior space, which should ideally be simple, clean and functional.

That is what both interior designers and executives want and expect now.

The Arthur Holm product range is the upper echelons of the market’s finest, in terms of combining technology, ergonomics and design aesthetic. The products have been designed to install with minimum impact when integrated into the office furniture and fittings, and to provide a seamless effect once installed.

Here’s some of the reasons why every meeting space should include Arthur Holm products:

-Dynamic3 is currently one of the most versatile monitors available. It can be fully integrated into the table, and customised in whatever material the designer requires. Functionality is unsurpassed, the screen rises, tilts and rotates 180º (R model), the lifting system is automatic and elevates the keyboard and mouse.

-The DB2 is an award winning motorised retractable monitor, with an incredibly slim 20mm. depth which gives a beautiful streamlined finish to any meeting room.

-The UnderCover motorised conference cover solution ensures that everything required for the meeting (monitor, cables, microphone, camera, etc.) is concealed neatly when not in use. Again, the finish can be completely customised with whatever material or colour scheme the designer requires.

-DynamicShare and DynamicLoop are solutions that share information via HDMI cable with superb video latency, while also maintain cables for an organised working environment.

-DynamicTalk is the perfect choice for microphone high quality and versatility of integration and storage. The microphone lifts from inside the furniture, angles for the perfect fit, then retracts silently back. The cover plate can be veneered.


Check out the videos here!:



DynamicX2 UnderCover:


Arthur Holm’s cutting-edge technology combines with aesthetic beautiful designs, with versatility in each product, that all “disappear” smoothly into the furniture when not in use increasing the appeal of the designed work space.

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