“Inspired in Barcelona: Mediterranean Design”, will immerse an audience coming from all over the world in the rhythms and colours of a city which is rich in contrasts and full of talent.

If there is an unavoidable date for any designer or any company related to design, that is the one taking place in Milano every year in April. Some would say this meeting between artists, designers and companies is where design is born, and, in fact, this Italian city is holding two of its big summits in just one week: Il Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone. The first one shows all novelties by the big furniture brands and the most talented designers while the second one fills the high-end districts of the city with exhibitions, events and the typical show business associated to this prestigious fair.

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After the success achieved in 2017, the exhibition organised by BCD (Barcelona Centre de Disseny), “Inspired in Barcelona: in & out”, the most international design from Barcelona is coming back to Fuorisalone 2019 with a supreme installation in the distinguished Brera district. At 14 Via Dante, inside a prestigious historical building, “Inspired in Barcelona: Mediterranean Design” will take its international visitors into the rhythms and colours of a multicultural and talented city.

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The acclaimed Emiliana Design Studio has been chosen to design this installation whose goal is, as well as displaying a wide product range collection, to arouse an emotional response among the international visitors. Through the four axioms dividing the exhibition (Warm, Diverse, Open, Emotional) the audience will discover our know-how and will travel through the works by designers and editors coming from the Mediterranean capital city. It will also be possible to analyse the relationship between the Mediterranean climate and the language used by the Barcelona-born design, expressed both when designing a product and when taking in a concept to develop a brand or a project.

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The installation tour will highlight the creative stimulus attached to the Mediterranean spirit and the identifying traits arising from the connection between tradition and innovation: natural materials and warm tones. These will be the link between the selection of designs presented by some of the most prestigious companies of this sector and the objects created by small independent brands for which craftsmanship plays a fundamental role.

The installation stands out the work of the best architects and designers from Barcelona: Tarruella Trenchs Studio, Lagranja Design, Isaac Piñeiro, Yonoh or Andreu Carulla. Among the participant companies there are big names of national design such as the carpet manufacturers Nanimarquina, lighting brand Santa&Cole, Vibia y Marset, tapestry experts Carmenes y Joquer, emblematic BD Barcelona Design or the textile brand Teixidor, to name a few. In the show will also be present distinguished personalities like José Antonio Coderch and his Disa lamp. Also Josep Lluscà with Woody, his tribute to the classic wooden chair edited by Resol; the international Jaime Hayon with his vase collection called Gardenias, produced by BD Barcelona; Francesc Rifé with the Bud armchair, a design breathing Mediterranean essence and launched last year by Carmenes; Martín Azúa with the Luco stool edited by Mobles 114 and Kàntir, a vase collection produced by his own Martín Azúa Numbered.

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The classic designers of the Barcelona scene will also be a top appearance: Tarruella Trenchs Studio, Lagranja Design, Isaac Piñeiro, Yonoh or Andreu Carulla. Their creations, exhibited on platforms and show modules, will lead the visitor to a free-flowing and sensorial story about the lifestyle and values of the city.

The exhibition will be open until April 14 and will serve as a support to the presentations that some of the brands mentioned above will feature within these days in the premises of Salone del Mobile.

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