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Motorized cameras – DynamicMCS
Motorized Cameras

Motorized cameras – DynamicMCS

Now you see me, now you don’t!

Motorized HD-SDI video camera, microphone and loudspeaker for furniture integration.

It is important to make videoconference meetings as natural and comfortable as possible, and to minimize the feeling of remoteness. That’s why it is essential to use a top-quality camera and to position it correctly (at eye level) to guarantee a natural eye contact effect, and to ensure perfect visibility.

The camera is a fundamental tool that bring us closer, one that creates a visual and emotional connection with other people. And the monitor is the focal point of the videoconference. Its location is key, and ideally, each person should have their own personal monitor, camera and microphone.

By using individual cameras, remote participants can see everyone in the meeting equally, creating an outstanding experience. Also, the camera placement at eye level ensures a natural position for face-to-face collaboration. But just as important is audio. So, it is essential to equip the room with microphones and speakers to ensure the best sound quality of the video conference.

And, to provide enhanced room flexibility and versatility, what better way than to be able to make this technology “disappear” inside the table when it is not needed?

DynamicMCS is a motorized pop-up video camera, microphone and loudspeaker for furniture integration


DynamicMCS is a motorized high-resolution video camera, microphone and loudspeaker for furniture integration, HD-SDI camera and an omnidirectional microphone with 1 audio output: balanced analogue via terminal block line array speakers (no phantom required).

The hybrid camera housing is built in steel and composite materials in a black, non-reflective finish. A touch button in the steel cover raises and lowers the camera, microphone and loudspeaker. The camera can be turned 45º horizontally to each side (manually). DynamicMCS can also be remotely controlled via AHnet (RS-422), GPI or AHlink.


 • Motorized pop-up video camera, microphone and loudspeaker for furniture integration 

• Manual rotation 45° left and right 

• Stainless steel cover top 

• Camera: HD-SDI BNC out