DB2 monitors enhance communication in a financial entity in Casablanca

DB2 monitors enhance communication in a financial entity in Casablanca

Incorporating technology in a way that preserves non-verbal communication is essential. Retractable monitors in meeting tables can display presentations without obstructing sightlines, allowing participants to follow the presentations and maintain eye contact to observe each other's body language. This thoughtful integration ensures that technology enhances rather than disrupts human interaction.

Casablanca - 2024
Meeting room, Conference room

A distinguished Moroccan financial entity has recently chosen DB2 monitors to equip its board room in Casablanca. The monitors are integrated in an elegant custom made table and they retract inside the table by leaving almost no trace thanks to its patented coverless design. Functionality, discretion and elegance are wisely combined to create an outstanding boardroom that facilitates communication and decision making.

Respecting the table’s design and boosting flexibility

DB2 is an innovative motorized retractable monitor that makes minimal impact on the board room table’s design. DB2 is a unique coverless, motorized monitor that leaves almost no trace on the meeting table’s desk. The monitor rises and automatically tilts 20º, and disappears within the table by leaving a very small footprint. The monitors’ movements are harmonious and silent and can be locally or remotely controlled via RS-422, IP or through our wireless App AHlink.

Enhancing communication

Effective communication extends beyond words, incorporating vital elements such as facial expressions, body language, gestures, posture, and eye contact, all of which significantly influence the dynamics and outcomes of meetings. And maintaining eye contact during a meeting is essential, as it fosters connection and engagement among participants.

Non-verbal signals can reinforce verbal messages, making them clearer and more impactful and this dual-channel communication ensures that the message is comprehended fully and accurately.

By preserving eye contact, the interaction remains more natural and effective, ensuring that technology serves the needs of human communication rather than hindering it.

Cooperating with furniture manufacturers and interior designers

Moreover, the ability to conceal the monitor within the table after the meeting concludes adds a layer of versatility to the room. This feature not only maximizes the functionality of the space but also ensures that the technology seamlessly integrates with the interior design, allowing the room to transform effortlessly between a high-tech meeting space and a conventional conference room.

The return on investment

While the initial investment in digital monitors and associated technologies can be significant, the long-term savings are substantial. Reduced spending on paper, printing, and physical storage leads to cost savings. Additionally, digital meetings can improve productivity and efficiency, leading to better business outcomes and further financial gains.

Green and sustainability factors

We meticulously choose top-quality materials for our products, from industrial LCD panels to our in-house-designed electronics and mechanisms, right down to the finishes we employ. We prioritize materials like aluminum and glass, fostering circularity by offering long-term servicing and maintenance for extended product lifespans.

The project has been designed by K-Electronics AVPro, Arthur Holm’s partner in Morocco.

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