High end VIP meeting room in Doha, Qatar

High end VIP meeting room in Doha, Qatar

The term ‘high tech’ in the boardroom might conjure up a vision of exposed and messy cables and boring furniture, but much has changed over the last years and technology now serves to make meeting spaces more inviting, inspiring, comfortable and productive.

Doha, Qatar

Creating inspiring conference rooms is the key for success. Furthermore, as we move towards flexible work environments, we need provide more flexible environments and having motorized devices that can disappear in the table itself provides all the above: versatility, inspiration, the wow effect, effectiveness and productivity.

The future is to create beautiful, personalised, and flexible conference spaces.

These are some of the key factors that our partner TechnoQ considered when designing this impressive VIP boardroom in Doha, Qatar:

Customisation: Everything in a meeting room should be designed for that particular space.

The oval shaped table combined natural wood finish with beige leather. The table was the central element in the room and was surrounded by linear desks with the same finish. The challenge was to integrate retractable monitors customized with a retractable audio conference system in the central table and to integrate a stand-alone retractable audio conference solution in the surrounding desks. But the key issue was to achieve a finish that matched perfectly with the furniture and with the overall interior design of the room.

After evaluating different possibilities, TechnoQ, with the approval of the end user, chose a satin matt gold finish: exclusive, elegant and discreet.

In contrast with gold plating, satin gold is neither shinny nor reflective. Its satin, almost velvety effect creates a unified colour in a semi-opaque coating.

Flexibility and space optimisation:  

Storing away the audio and video technologies when they are not in use, improves the versatility of the table. The table can be adapted to different number of attendees and users can chose to use monitors and microphones simultaneously or independently. The table can be free of any physical obstacle when required and can have access to the latest conference technology when needed.


Ease of use:

All the technology is automated. TechnoQ considered that meeting attendees’ time is extremely important. The users should concentrate in the meeting and technology should appear and disappear by the touch of a button. Hassle free and intuitive.



A boardroom is a long-term investment, and this is why the technology should not only be beautiful and totally customized to fulfil the end user needs but also robust and reliable.

The chosen solution was Dynamic2Talk and DynamicTalk in a special gold satin matt finish.

About TechnoQ:

Established in 1995, Techno Q, is an industry-leading ELV systems integrator in Qatar specializing in audiovisual technology solutions, building controls, fire & security systems, LED lighting, information technology, broadcast, and hospitality management solutions. Techno Q’s system solutions use cost-efficient and advanced technology components to provide quality customized systems integration services.

The company’s major focus is designing, installing, testing, operating and maintaining integrated system solutions for a wide variety of environments, including government and educational institutions, healthcare organizations and corporate clients such as hotels, retailers, and organizations in various sectors. With a unique combination of technical knowledge and innovation, Techno Q has experienced considerable growth since its inception in 1995.

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