Now there’s a surprising figure: 180% of people hate meetings! OK, yes, I made that up. But have you ever met anyone who actually enjoys going to meetings? Have you ever asked a colleague how their day was going and they replied: “Oh, good thanks, but you know what, I would really love to have more meetings!”?

No, neither have I.

The truth is that meetings are a vital necessity for the smooth running of business. Done well and they can provide an unparalleled productive arena for collaboration, creative problem solving and for brainstorming exciting new ideas. These, coupled with the emergence of fresh, interesting insights, all contribute to the upward development of organisations. And it’s also true that the technology chosen plays a key role in the productivity and ease of the meetings.

As we have seen video conferencing technology has been one of the unsung heroes during the pandemic. Thanks to that, we’ve been able to continue to work from outside the office, and actually see the faces and hear the voices of our family members, work colleagues and friends. It has undoubtedly been a life-saver for face-to-face, personal contact during these difficult times, and it seems not a day goes by that we don’t interact with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or any other similar application.

So for that reason, offices should be transformed into a hybrid of virtual and physical, making the most of both, as the use of video conferencing will continue to be in vogue, and therefore in demand. The office will be the place we want to go, not the place we are forced to go, and it should be equipped with functional technology, made of safe and sustainable materials with long life cycles that convey the corporate values of each company and create a memorable user experience.

As Coco Chanel once said: “Dress vulgarly and they will remember the dress. Dress elegantly and they will remember the woman”. The same could be said for the design of office spaces and, more specifically, of conference spaces. An untidy meeting table cluttered, with cables in plain view, and outdated and intrusive technology, (apart from being uninviting) will result in minds being distracted by details that have no benefit. On the other hand, an inviting well-designed table, ready for instant connection to remote teams, and customised for each company, will put the focus firmly on the message, essence and purpose of the meeting. Meeting attendees will be more concentrated, more efficient, more creative and more engaged. They will remember that meeting and yes, they will want to do it again.

Discover our incredible Dynamic4 (or how to transform a table into an inspiring, fully equipped space that combines face-to-face and remote meetings):

The magic of Dynamic4 is that it allows you to rapidly transform any space into a fully equipped environment fitted with the best technology; inspirational surroundings that encourages both face-to-face and remote collaboration. It is a comprehensive, flexible and retractable solution that can adapt to accommodate participants from as little as two up to eight. It’s so user friendly and comfortable; Participants are seated facing the centre of the table, while the monitors and their cameras can adapt position to naturally face directly towards the user, achieving a comfortable and natural position for video calls and presentations, while always maintaining eye contact with the other attendees. It includes speakers, microphones, HDMI and USB connection ports and an integrated computer on which any video conferencing application can be installed. All of this is ingeniously and silently concealed inside the table when not in use, so the table can be used for other purposes.

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