DB1Twin in a prestigious Parisian boardroom

DB1Twin in a prestigious Parisian boardroom

The DB1Twin is the perfect solution to be integrated in a long and narrow boardroom table: it provides two sides visibility while optimising the space.

The DB1Twin is a vertically retractable monitor with double screen. Two monitors are placed back to back in a compact anodised aluminium frame to ensure communication in both sides of a meeting table. DB1Twin is designed for reception desks, information counters or meeting and conference room tables with limited space. The screens are only visible when required, disappearing inside the table desk when not needed by simply pressing a button or by remote control.

The monitor housing is made of milled aluminum, very elegant and levelled with the table’s surface. Two capacitive sensors are located on top of the monitor’s frame, so the lift and retract movement can be comfortably controlled from both sides of the table.

It has an extremely fast lift system with a very low noise level. Very easy to install, these monitors require no maintenance. To protect the user, DB1Twin are equipped with a safety system which stops the movements in case of resistance detection and they are also remotely controllable and diagnosable through the ERT interfaces in an very easy and cost effective way and they are also controllable and diagnosable via the AHlink: the Arthur Holm wireless app.

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