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Motorized Retractable Microphone – DynamicTalkH
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Motorized Retractable Microphone – DynamicTalkH

On your lap

DynamicTalkH is a horizontal lift for gooseneck microphones. The system has been especially developed to optimise the space below the table. It ensures comfort and space enough for legs. Silent, remotely controllable and elegant, DynamicTalk H is reliable and simple to install. Veneering is also available to match surface finish of the table. This system allows the microphone to be bended while returning automatically to its original horizontal position.

DynamicTalkH not only conceals cleverly the microphone within the desk, but it also provides an interior light that goes from red to green to indicate its status. Microphones are stored safely, improving the flexibility of meeting and conference spaces, as tables can be used for different purposes. DynamicTalkH has 2 different working modes (PA and Conference) and can be remotely controlled and diagnosed through the AHnet protocol (RS-422).

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Horizontal lift system for gooseneck microphones

DynamicTalkH, motorized horizontal lift for gooseneck microphones



DynamicTalkH range
  • For gooseneck microphones
  • Max. 400 mm length
  • Horizontal microphone storage
  • LED status indicator
  • Motorized lift
DynamicTalk Control
  • Up/Down Control
  • GPI contact closer
    RS-422 (RJ45 CAT 5)

  • Microphone control
  • Button on upper cover plate

  • GPI/O
  • LEDs control and switch

  • External power supplies
  • 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 12Vdc

  • Power consumption
  • 20W