Sustainability, innovation, and bespoke outstanding design in the National Bank of Kuwait Headquarters

Sustainability, innovation, and bespoke outstanding design in the National Bank of Kuwait Headquarters

Architecture studio Foster & Partners completed a supertall skyscraper in Kuwait: the new headquarters of the National Bank of Kuwait. Foster & Partners designed the bespoke furniture and lighting, including a “cloud-like cluster” of blown glass lights and a 13-metre-long table that presides the board room, which is located at the 18th floor. The tabletop is made from black leather and all Arthur Holm devices have been upholstered with this crafted finish.

KUWAIT - 2022

A modern table with strong personality with a uniquely crafted leather cover

For the unique table created by Foster & Partners, Arthur Holm managed to preserve the distinctive design by providing a compact, motorized monito, a professional microphone solution and a one-to-one interactive communication platform when needed. At the same time, it was a must that the AV equipment wouldn’t be visible or leave any traces when not in use.

The table is impressive, with all the technology becoming invisible when in retracted position. The challenge was to furnish the table with motorized folding monitors, a video and document sharing system, gooseneck microphones and connectivity, while keeping the minimum depth, as the table had a base structure with a tulip shape: a unique, elegant design with wonderfully natural curves.  The beautiful leather top finish was meticulously crafted down to the finest detail. 

The art of customisation

Arthur Holm provided totally customized solutions, including its DynamicTalkH, a unique and patented retractable system for “gooseneck microphones”. This system has been especially developed to optimise the space inside the table as it ensures comfort and space enough for legs, allowing a 40 cm. microphone to be bended while returning automatically to its original horizontal position.

DynamicTalkH not only conceals cleverly the microphone within the desk, but it also provides an interior light that goes from red to green to indicate its status.


A motorized folding aluminium monitor Dynamic3 was installed for each seat, anodised in black, with touch screen and prepared to be upholstered. The screen lifting system activates automatically the rising of an aluminium tray and one speaker was integrated in this automated tray, so it becomes only visible when the monitor is open, in working position.


DynamicShare was added to each monitor: a straightforward and totally secure solution to select and share different video inputs. The DynamicShare also optimises the cabling and installation in the conference table, providing up to 3 HDMI inputs and one output. It allows the HDMI signal to be shared on up to 20 monitors in Full HD resolution.


At the other side of each monitor, there is a manual connectivity box, AHConnect, (also upholstered with black leather) with a USB passthrough,a USB power,  RJ45, HDMI, and a power outlet.


The result is simply amazing!

An iconic skyscraper

This is the second tallest building in the country, and it stands out because its sustainable, functional, and iconic design. 

The 300-metre skyscraper has a distinctive presence among the buildings of Sharq, the city’s growing financial district. The building is distinguished with its rounded form and a series of vertical concrete fins on the southern façade – which extends the full height of the tower.

While the fins provide structural support, they also contribute to the environmental strategy through shading.

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