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Conference rooms

Conference rooms

Creating the right environment for decision making

Conference rooms

Creating the right environment for decision making

Conference rooms have different shapes and designs according to the objectives of each organization: theatres, classrooms, banquets, u-shapes, conferences… They might require systems for discussion, interactivity, voting, simultaneous translation, video on demand, biometrical identification… Offering end-users the opportunity to communicate both individually and as a group, the conference room can use straightforward audiovisual presentation functions through basic controls to play video, switch sources, interact with the presentation or even vote.

  • Videoconference monitors

Some rooms might require videoconferencing, speech reinforcement, recording and of course a screen to view all the information. Arthur Holm provides a range of motorized monitors that rise vertically from the tables, that open and fold and even rotate 180 degrees and that can integrate all the functionalities needed by the user. Again, the concept is to have non-intrusive technology; just available when needed and constructed with exclusive materials that will fit the most critical interior designs. Our designs can integrate third party audio systems, becoming even more intelligent and optimising the need of space.

  • Wall monitors

We also provide a wide range of wall monitors, from 10 up to 22”. These screens are the ideal complement for door signage, and to be used as a central big outstanding monitor to reinforce individual communication.

  • Complete installations for conference rooms

While some spaces feature more complex systems, most of them incorporate high-end aesthetics with relatively simple AV. When it comes to designing conference room systems, the process is really no different than with any other AV system: define the user needs, design the infrastructure and systems and then proceed with the installation. By using our ERT interfaces and our AHnet software, you will also be sure to offer the best service to the users, also optimising energy consumption and reducing the overall installation cost.

The first step in designing an AV system for a conference room  is to determine what the end-users need to support their activities and goals. This means gathering a potentially wide range of information from a variety of people who will actually use the system. We are there to support you also during this step, so do not hesitate to contact us and you will be amazed by our solutions.

Device Advantages

  • Enhancing communication and decision making
  • Inspiring creativity, participation and collaboration
  • Reflecting the brand identity of the company
  • Helping to create flexible spaces