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Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms

Enhancing communication and collaboration

Meeting rooms

Enhancing communication and collaboration

A meeting space should be able to change its look, feel and functionality at any time. It should be an open, accessible, sustainable and versatile area that encourages participation, networking, concentration and creativity.

Meeting spaces should promote spontaneous human interaction as well as inspiring private moments of reflection. Arthur Holm has created a wide range of products that rise from the furniture when needed, that hang on the walls or are integrated within them, or that simply stand to provide a warm welcome to visitors and to meeting participants while becoming a part of the design by themselves.

  • Monitors to enhance communication

We are used to intrusive technology and our mission is exactly the opposite: to design and create discreet equipments with an amazing look whose design raises admiration, persists in time and provides cutting edge functionalities.

We want to foster participation, creativity and co-working and an image can speak by itself. A nice screen will help our message to come through and if we can make this screen disappear when it is no longer needed, we will have a versatile desk for different purposes as a result.

The simplicity of both the installation and the integration, will allow the designer to open his mind without thinking of technical constraints. All details have been carefully taken into consideration when designing Arthur Holm products, from materials to shapes and unique functionalities.

monitors for meeting rooms
motorised monitors for meeting rooms
retractable monitors for meeting rooms
foldable monitors for meeting rooms
monitors installations for meeting rooms

Advantages of Arthur Holm monitors

  • Enhancing communication and decision making in meeting rooms
  • Inspiring creativity, participation and collaboration
  • Reflecting the brand identity of the company
  • Helping to create flexible spaces

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