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Information counters & Business Centres

Reception & Lobby areas

Information counters & Business Centres

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. First impressions are an essential part of human interaction that translate into office environments, and is especially true in reception & lobby areas, and information counters.
Arthur Holm understands that reception or lobby areas should be an important element of any office – allowing visitors to gain positive feelings and impressions as they enter the space for the first time.

Therefore, the importance of selecting a stylish and aesthetically engaging monitor for this area cannot be underestimated since it will be among the most visible part of the desk area. Arthur Holm has a vast product range to choose from and the manual Gooseneck monitor is a perfect example with smart lines, function and with a stylish personalised chrome finish. Not only does the chrome finish offer a slick polished design feature, it provides an attractive beacon at the reception desk, welcoming and inviting.

Arthur Holm works with architects and designers to provide the perfect product ready to be installed into any reception area. All products are constructed from high quality materials, and cutting edge technology that will provide the perfect balance between functionality and the interior design.
Arthur Holm creates a range of solutions for information counters and Business Centres, where the design is just as important as the technology. From interactive totems and kiosks to wall signage we have it all!

Whatever the user requires, we have a solution.



  • Reflects company brand identity
  • Helps create flexible spaces
  • Smart design aesthetic enhances communication
  • Improves user experience

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