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Interpreter booths

Interpreter booths

Providing an accurate communication in conferences

Interpreter booths

Providing an accurate communication in conferences

In a multicultural conference or meeting there may be delegated from any corner of the world. The role of interpreters is very important, as they are who must translate the speeches of all speakers in a clear and accurate way. Interpreters should have the proper equipment ready available, so they can concentrate on communicating and transmitting the message.

The use of high quality monitors becomes an indispensable requirement to solve these needs. And considering the limited spaces where the interpreters use to work, foldable monitors are also a huge advantage.

Monitors must be high quality to offer a perfect video image. They also have to be as less intrusive as possible to allow a complete and clear view of the room and to optimise the limited space within the interpreting booths.

monitors and AV solutions for interpreting rooms

Interpreters Needs

  • They must have an excellent visibility of participants to see clearly their movements, gestures and expressions, so that they can analyze the verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • The room must be in plain view of the interpreters, as they have to see clearly everything that is going on to interpret the whole meeting correctly.
  • They must be able to see the presentations expounded by speakers.

Arthur Holm monitors in interpreter booths

Some references in this sector are the innovative projects developed by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Court of Auditors, whose installations have interpreter booths equipped with different models of Arthur Holm monitors.

The most recommended options for the interpreter and commentary booths are the AH2 monitors, which are manually foldable, leaving the field of vision completely free when necessary. Their installation is very easy, they are maintenance free and offer an unbeatable image quality.

Dynamic1H monitors are also commonly used in translation booths. They have a motorized system with a totally adjustable position and it can memorise the desired angle of the screen.

Our brand Albiral also manufactures a built-in screen with a 34º fixed tilt and HD-SDI inputs, fitting perfectly in these working spaces.