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The app that makes the system integrator’s job easy

Take your smart conference room a step further with AHlink! It will be easily optimized, helping to configure accurately every aspect of your workspace. AHlink provides the freedom of mobile and reduces work hours and costs to concentrate on the really important: creating inspiring spaces where ideas flow and productivity takes off.

With AHlink the whole system can be managed through a wireless connection, no need to open or dismantle the table to reach the mechanical and electronic systems of the unit for setting-up or diagnosing its installation.

AHlink is a wireless control system giving through a free app an easy, direct access to the most common settings, making the start-up and future interventions hassle free.

AHlink app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices. It allows the user to configure basic parameters when installing Arthur Holm motorized products.

Its extra advanced features make much easier and quicker the job of after sales technicians and authorized installers.


Ready to play? Download AHlink here!

ahlink app