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Video Distribution – DynamicLoop
Video Distribution

Video Distribution – DynamicLoop

Daisy chain connection

The DynamicLoop system can manage the distribution of a video signal and allows to daisy chain the monitors in a loop using HDMI cables. DynamicLoop can be integrated in Dynamic2, DynamicX2 and DB2 monitors (and it is also available as a stand-alone device). This board is integrated internally in the monitors, so no additional power supplies are needed.

A maximum of 20 units can be daisy chained at Full HD resolution with a maximum of 40 meters of cables in total (no cable in the chain should exceed 5 meters and the shortest possible 4K cables should be always used). An extender can be added if distance is longer.

monitors connected in a daisy chain through HDMI cables
DynamicLoop options
  • Easy cabling
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • Full HD up to 20 monitors