Custom DynamicX2 UnderCover in the new headquarters of the AGB bank in Algiers

Custom DynamicX2 UnderCover in the new headquarters of the AGB bank in Algiers

Some people describe it as an opened book, others as a butterfly spreading its wings. These are the first impressions of the striking design of the AGB bank;
a magnificent, state-of-the-art, sustainable building. It’s been a mammoth project in the heart of Algeria, and a showcase example of the superb cooperation between Algeria and Kuwait.

Algiers - 2022

The new HQ building is 110 metres high, spread over 25 floors, with 33,000 square metres office space, including an impressive conference room, which our partner Videlio designed and integrated. The AGB Tower decided to use the most advanced audio and video technology, keeping in mind factors such as sustainability, efficiency, resilience and customisable design.

Videlio and Arthur Holm worked side by side to provide the latest and most suitable technologies for the conference rooms, meeting rooms and auditorium. The end result was the customized design of the DynamicX2-KM monitor, combined with UnderCover and different connections on the front part. Because of this, the monitors, keyboards and all connections were neatly concealed inside the desk when they were not needed, such is the genius of Undercover’s solution that’s specially designed to ensure the cover can be plywood-laminated with the same material as the table top.

This makes the technology virtually invisible, and with such flexibility that it appears only when needed. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, the monitors incorporate USB, USB-C and power sockets.

The system works by remote control, so there is not one single button visible on the furniture. Once activated, the cover slides down into the table at the same time an anodised aluminium monitor is raised vertically, and a mechanism is activated that allows the user to access a keyboard and mouse. The connectors are positioned in front of the monitor for a comfortable connection position.

As well as the conference room, Videlio designed the meeting room with the possibility to be split into two different rooms. In this case, and considering the table had an open layout, it was decided to use Dynamic3 folding monitors as they take up very little space inside the furniture.

The Dynamic3 monitors are foldable, and also feature a 180º rotation system, so that they can be rotated the full 180º. They can be closed with the screen facing upwards or downwards. And, thanks to its advanced electronics, the monitor detects which working position it is in, and adjusts the image accordingly. They have safety sensors to stop movement in case of an obstruction, to protect the user.

When opened, the monitors activate an aluminium tray which lifts simultaneously and, in this case, is also used to store the monitor’s keyboard and mouse. Finally, for the auditorium, AH1 manually foldable desktop monitors were chosen, and as standard tables were used, the AH1 monitors were perfect because they don’t require any extra work on the table.

The AV integration was completed with Mitsubishi videowalls, Cisco cameras, Bose speakers and Crestron control systems.


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