DB1Twin in the brand new nerve centre of the “Fundación Caja de Burgos”

DB1Twin in the brand new nerve centre of the “Fundación Caja de Burgos”

DB1Twin; the retractable double-sided monitors in the brand new nerve centre of the Fundación Caja de Burgos.


Reclaiming the city’s historic quarter as a dynamic business centre, which generates exciting new meeting places for debate, for collaboration, creativity and exchanging ideas, are some of the goals of Nexo, the new building that opened its doors in the Plaza de la Libertad in Burgos, where the new Caja de Burgos Foundation HQ has the Board of Trustees’ Room equipped with the very latest DB1Twin double-sided retractable monitors.

These DB1Twin motorized monitors ensure the perfect visibility to attendees on both sides of the table. They blend perfectly with the meeting table’s central panel: they do not have a table top cover, so that the raising and retracting sensors are cleverly located on the top of the actual monitors. Because of this unique cover-free design, the monitors are virtually invisible once hidden inside the furniture and can even be covered in the same material to match the table.

In addition, the movement can be controlled remotely, via RS-422 or via the AHlink app, so avoiding the need for any physical contact. The proximity of the monitors ensures accurate viewing of all types of content, including spreadsheets and small characters.

The room’s users are always oriented towards the centre of the table, giving a more natural working position that can encourage concentration, collaboration and engagement. By using retractable monitors the room gains better flexibility and versatility. In case a greater distance between meeting participants is desired, all that is required is to raise one of every two monitors, and, in the event the monitors were not needed, they would simply remain hidden, allowing the table to be used for other purposes. The DB1Twin provides elegance, style, safety, functionality, versatility and the utmost respect for the table’s design.

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