Partenord Habitat boardroom powered with DynamicX2 and Dynamic3

Partenord Habitat boardroom powered with DynamicX2 and Dynamic3

The Partenord Habitat HQ building’s location couldn’t be better! Right in the heart of one of Lille’s most dynamic districts (Porte de Valenciennes development zone) it is strategically positioned just as you enter the city, right at the corner of Rue de Cambrai and Boulevard de Belfort.

France, 2021

This unique building emerges from the ground along the two roads in three unmistakable sections: the actual HQ, officespaces, and housing, while all sharing the same foundation. The meeting area is a remarkable space that has multiple uses; it can be adapted into six rooms by using flexible mobile partitions, a conference room (able to host 50 people),and a private dining room that boasts a partially covered accessible terrace.

In keeping with the holistic design concept, our partner Alive Technology helped create an inspiring, functional, flexible and user-friendly conference room.  The main element of the room is a striking U-shaped wooden table, whose eye-catching detail is the stainless-steel trim which cleverly conceals the AV system, that includes Arthur Holm’s retractable DynamicX2 monitors, foldable Dynamic3 and a Televic flush discussion system. The finishing touches are the automatic camera tracking solution from PTZ Lumens, Fohn speakers and a Philips 110” Videowall. The room automation was done by Extron.

The table is fitted with 20 Arthur Holm AH22DX216GA, retractable aluminium 21.5” monitors, whose unique patented motorized system performs lift and tilt movements using a single engine. These advanced monitors support setup and diagnostics via the AHlink wireless app, and the ERT-30, allowing easy and direct access to the most common settings, whilst making the start-up or any further checks hassle free. This means there is no need to physically access the unit to set-up or diagnose the installation, making it easy and fast.

The table’s edge has three Arthur Holm AH19DX2HDGA, and one motorized foldable Dynamic3 AH19D3HDGA, which comes with a touch screen, keyboard and mouse. The monitor has an aluminium tray that automatically lifts with the opening movement of the screen and conceals both the keyboard and mouse inside the monitor once it is closed down and not in use. This unique foldable aluminium monitor is used to access the room’s automation.

In addition, the ERT-30 control system interface makes it effortless to integrate with Extron: it provides one  AHnet port for control of up to 30 units, and a USB service port interface for firmware upgrade. The One Touch Addressing System (OTAS) makes it easy to address Arthur Holm motorized products, e.g. the first unit to be activated on the cover plate of the monitor after installation will have address No. 1, the next one will have address No. 2 and so on. OTAS is available for most Arthur Holm motorized products.

The ERT interface helps to reduce the installation costs in terms of both equipment and time. It is easy to install and set-up. It gives a quicker installation, and removes having to depend on external relay boxes and extra power outlets. You can also have Arthur Holms virtual support on site if there is internet connection available.

So, the result is a flexible, exciting, energy efficient, automatic, easy to use conference room, ready to inspire and help participants to focus better, enhance collaboration and ultimately make the best decisions!


About Alive Technology:

Alive Technology is a high-end system integrator present: Lille – Angers – Nancy – Paris – Lausanne – Brétigny andÉvreux.

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