Resolving disputes fairly and efficiently is worth its weight in gold!

Resolving disputes fairly and efficiently is worth its weight in gold!

The Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre is an organisation whose aim is to settle and resolve civil and commercial disputes fairly and efficiently, in accordance with the law and internationally recognised best practices. In line with international standards of dispute resolution, the QICDRC is a modern, specialised civil and commercial court that brings cases before world-renowned independent judges. Known for fast, cost-effective and impartial
resolution of commercial disputes, the QICDRC is led by the President of the Court, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, and supported by the judges of the court and the regulatory tribunal judges. They come from a variety of jurisdictions, including Qatar, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Kuwait, Hong Kong, South Africa and the United States.

Qatar - 2022

Qatari integrator TechnoQ was tasked with designing and implementing an audiovisual solution that met both functional and aesthetic needs. Obviously, such a prestigious environment requires the best audio-visual technology to help maximise the decision-making process, and of course it demands the best quality gold finishes, in keeping with the institution’s logo and interior design, (where rich gold details stand out, contrasting beautifully with the ornate maroon and light-coloured wood).

The institution decided to use DynamicX2 retractable monitors customized with a gold-plated double DynamicTalk, mechanism for raising and retracting gooseneck microphones, customized to include a DIS-Shure conference system.

The project consisted of several monitors with double DynamicTalk (one monitor can be shared by two people) and the judges’ monitors, which have a single microphone. The desktop cover plate panel features buttons for raising and retracting both the monitor and microphone independently, as well as push buttons to request to speak and mute. The retractable monitors have a touch screen to enhance easy user interaction.

The DynamicX2Talk retractable monitors are fitted with a patented system, protected by an international patent, featuring an automatic lift and tilt mechanism that uses a single motor to lift and tilt the screen. This elevating system offers variable speed levels depending on the position of the screen, resulting in a smooth, harmonious movement.

In addition to this innovative monitor, a separate lift system for the microphone is available, with a neat circular cover ring of LEDs that change from red to green to indicate the status of the microphone. So, the user can decide whether to use just the touch monitor, just the microphone, or hide all the elements inside the table when they are not needed, adding even more flexibility and space optimisation. And, in keeping with the room’s gold interior style, all the devices are gold-plated to completely match, while adding an extra sense of luxury.

The gold finish for the DynamicX2Talk is 24 carat gold and the transformation process must only be done in electrolytic baths. Let’s look at this process and how it’s achieved: Any electrolytic bath consists of these components: an anode, a cathode, an electrolyte and an electrical power source.

When applied to this coating:

· The anode is the gold which you want to coat the monitor housing and the desktop faceplate.

· The cathode is the DynamicX2Talk monitor housing and covers.

· In the treatment tanks (where the process takes place), there is a solution made up from conductive salts, brighteners, and other maintenance elements.

· When the electricity starts to pass through these elements, gold ions are released and travel through the solution and are deposited on the monitor housings.


Once the gold coating process is complete, it is varnished with a transparent lacquer to increase its strength, lustre and protection.

The result is DynamicX2Talk Gold!



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