The Supreme Court of Nigeria choses DynamicX2 retractable monitors to help making better decisions

The Supreme Court of Nigeria choses DynamicX2 retractable monitors to help making better decisions

The Supreme Court of Nigeria (SCN) is the highest court in Nigeria, and is located in the Central District, Abuja, in what is known as the Three Arms Zone so called due to the proximity of the offices of the Presidential Complex, the National Assembly and the Supreme Court. The project of adding retractable technology was designed and efficiently deployed by MBR Computer Consultants, an information communication technology consulting based in Abuja. And the chosen monitors were 17.3 and 23.8” Arthur Holm’s DynamicX2 .

Nigeria - 2022
Law courts

Decision-making in the legal field – whether by judges or a jury – is a highly complex and sensitive process. Lawyers, judges and jurors need to view and listen to evidence, exhibits and testimonies in document, video and audio formats, so therefore any audio and video used must be of the highest quality and clarity.

And Arthur Holm solutions can help courts to provide justice efficiently and transparently. The use of motorized monitors allows most trial participants to attend trials remotely, promoting efficiency and cost effectiveness. Remote hearings require audio and video equipment that is reliable, providing maximum quality and security. Space also needs to be maximised, and courtrooms need to be flexible to accommodate a variable number of people. For example, the use of high security communication media platforms allows connection to prisons and venues all over the world.

One of the big advantages of using motorized monitors and microphones is that they provide total flexibility in situations where social distance measures are required between attendees. One, out of every two or three monitors and microphones can be made to appear, if necessary, and the rest can be left perfectly hidden and protected inside the furniture.

Also, having a monitor in front of the user increases concentration, as it reduces the feeling of isolation, and allows text and numerical data to be clearly displayed.

Needless to say, the pandemic’s outbreak in 2020 dramatically accelerated the use of this technology, which proved to be crucial to avoid the judicial system’s paralysis during lockdown. Both law firms and courtrooms require audio and video technology design to provide crisp and clear sound and video quality. They must be flexible to adapt to unforeseen situations and allow for safe, private and secure video conferencing.

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