Wakeup Copenhagen hotel in Denmark

Wakeup Copenhagen hotel in Denmark

Danish hotel integrates DynamicReceptionMonitor and AH1 monitors in a stunning reception area

Copenhagen, Denmark. 2019
Reception area

Modern, minimalist and stylish Wakeup hotel in Copenhagen welcomes its visitors with a stunning and contemporary reception area where design and functionality merge to create the best first impression possible on guests. The hotel offers useful and convenient services such as a business center or a check-in point, as well as the reception and information desks, and all spaces are equipped with Arthur Holm products.

The monitors chosen have been the DynamicReceptionMonitor and the AH1 monitors, which integrate perfectly into the interior design of the hotel adding more elegance and a hi-tech touch to create a personalised and unique environment. These beautiful and stylish monitors become an attractive focus point at the reception and provide the area with interactive and advanced working spaces to meet everyone’s needs.

innovative modern hotel reception
custom monitors for reception areas

Customized stylish monitors

Elegant AH1 monitors have been personalised with a white finish and the hotel logo engraved and are installed in areas like the check-in point or the business center area.

AH1 is a manually foldable aluminium monitor for desktops with anodised finish and a dark cast iron base. It includes an anti-glare protection glass with a stylish black frame.

monitors for reception areas
custom monitors for hotels

The ideal technology at the front desk

The main information counter is equipped with the amazing DynamicReceptionMonitor customized also with a white finish and the hotel logo. This manual monitor adds a motorized adjustment to match perfectly every user needs. It is not only beautiful and efficient, but also totally ergonomic and convenient at the workplace.

monitors for reception desks
motorised monitors for hotel

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