We are thrilled to announce that our new DB3 has won a Bronze Delta Award!


The Delta Awards aim to celebrate excellence in design and emphasize its importance as a prime tool for creating wealth in an industrial economy, as well as highlighting its role as an expression of our culture. Industrial design is the process that shapes the multitude of anonymous objects we live with every day and makes them possible. Behind every one of them are professionals who has worked responsibly, keeping in mind the user, manufacturing processes, applied creativity and competitiveness, and also companies that have invested in design as a strategic value.

Since the first edition in 1961, the Delta Awards have been an important channel for promotion and a valuable platform for public recognition for designers and companies in Spain. In this year’s edition, the DB3 received a Bronze Delta award because of its singular design, its usability and the materials used for its construction.


The DB3 is a cutting-edge motorized retractable monitor that seamlessly blends into the meeting table design. Engineered with an automated hatch especially created for veneering, it ensures a sleek finish that blends perfectly with the furniture


Users can adjust the screen position from 90° to 20° on the desk, as the monitor rises vertically and inclines smoothly towards the participants who can pause the movement at any point, and save the preferred position for future use, ensuring an optimal view of the room every time.

The elegant glass buttons on the front panel not only control the monitor’s movements, but also for easy video input selection.


The screen raises vertically and smoothly inclines towards the user, addressing ergonomical comfort needs and ensuring visibility for all participants when seated. The movement is harmonious, fluid and silent. And, true to the company’s values, sustainable materials such as aluminum and glass have been used to create this innovative retractable monitor and the automated hatch is specially designed for veneering and tabletop matching, providing a streamlined finish for the meeting table.


You can watch a video of the DB3 in the link below: