We are back from our holidays, with our batteries recharged, and can’t wait to start on this exciting adventure!

Our mobile showroom is on the move again. The first stop is Italy, in Rome and Milan, then we’re off to Belgium and France.


Upcoming events


On 12th September we will be in Rome to participate at the open day event “Displays that stand out”, from 2pm to 6pm. We will be there along with our distributor Intermark.

Then on 19th September we will be waiting for you, along with our partner, at Auvicom in Halle, Belgium, from 1.30pm to 5pm. We’d love you to visit our mobile showroom, and to attend our workshop where you will see how to create unique and inspiring meeting spaces. “Gone are the days of boring products, old equipment and dusty meeting rooms. The current challenge for companies and organizations is to make meeting environments as inspirational, flexible, safe and creative as possible. Here you will find out how to create the best spaces for maximum productivity and inspiration. This presentation focuses on the design of meeting and conference rooms and the key role that AV system integrators play,” says Montse Romero, who will be giving the talk.


For more information visit: https://auvicom.be/fr/academy/

And finally, on the 21st September we will be in Bordeaux, with our distributor Televic Conference France, to continue on our French jaunt until mid-October.

For more information visit: https://www.televic-conference.fr


If you are in Italy, Belgium or France, please don’t hesitate to come to one of these events. Come and discover for yourself and experience first-hand our latest innovations for meeting and conference rooms that include motorized monitors, microphones, cameras and motorized speakers for furniture integration. Talk to our experts and discover how we work, the quality of our designs, our attention to detail, the materials we use and the endless possibilities of product customization.

We look forward to meeting you and will be delighted to assist you conceptualize and develop your project from the beginning to end!