Advanced high quality monitors and collaborative technology are able to enhance the way of working in many areas related to the legal sector, including spaces such as courtrooms, lawyer and notary firms, law schools or legal services offices, which become more efficient and effective to fulfill the important task of decision making. Here technology is not an option but a necessity.

monitors for court rooms

Enhancing functionalities through monitors

Monitors serve to multiple purposes in the courtroom, as they are ideal to share documents, review evidences, hold videoconferences or analyse multimedia presentations. Monitors can also be combined with external cameras, video displays and players, microphones, laptop and power connections, wireless installations, channel selectors for interpreting services and connectivity and signal distribution systems that create a complete and multi-purpose room.

Courts become more modern and accessible with this technology, which is also interesting to save costs. Judicial and legal processes speed up, so less time is needed, and the use of paper can be reduced, also helping sustainability.

monitors for court rooms

Optimising the environment

Space optimisation and eye contact are also needed in courtrooms, so providing these rooms with the most advanced technology, which is only available and visible when needed, is definitely a must. Legal professionals should have the best tools at their disposal, so they can view perfect video sources with the maximum resolution and clarity. The use of monitors that can be hidden in strategic locations is an ideal solution, as the displays rise and retract inside the furniture optimising the working space and creating a neater and flexible environment.

monitors for court rooms

Working securely with data

Definition, reliability and robustness are not the only required features sought in monitors for court and justice rooms, they also must be secure. The data and information dealt with in these spaces is critical, so their users have high security requirements to avoid misuse or loss of information. Working with monitors and connectivity systems must be done with total confidentiality and integrity, assuring data protection. Arthur Holm is well aware of this, so our monitors and accessories integrate strong security IT protocols to install and manage the AV systems, as well as when sharing contents. But this is not interfering at all with an easy installation and a simple and convenient daily use.