DynamicX2Talk Share in bronze finish

DynamicX2Talk Share is the first retractable monitor on the market that integrates a Full HD signal distribution and signal selection system. It also includes a motorized retractable microphone. This particular customization is remarkable for its bronze finish.

DynamicX2Talk Share is an innovative retractable monitor, also with a retractable microphone, that integrates a Full HD video distribution and selection system. This is the first monitor launched to the market which can make a meeting table stand alone, with no need to use external devices to distribute, share and select the information. The installation is cleaner, simpler and easier than ever.
Monitors can be daisy chained, signal and control protocols are transmitted through one only HDMI cable.

retractable monitor with microphone and personalized finish


  • User-friendly, intuitive to use
  • No software required
  • Straightforward installation
  • No need of external devices
  • No additional power supplies needed
  • One only internal cable (signal distribution and control)
  • FULL HD video distribution
  • Digital optical audio output (S/PDIF)
  • BYOD ready system
  • Discreet, elegant and integrated retractable technology
  • Full control from each monitor
retractable monitor with microphone and personalized finish


This unique system elegantly conceals the microphone within the desk surface (also providing an interior light to indicate status). Microphones are stored safely away, enabling flexibility for meeting and conference spaces (tables can be used for different purposes). A light ring shines in the microphone base indicating raised position. The cover plate is made of brushed stainless steel (veneering is available to match the desk/table surface perfectly). DynamicTalk has 2 different working modes: PA and Conference.

Customized versions are also available for all types and sizes of conference microphones, (with optional integration of manufacturer’s interfaces on the cover plate).

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