Do you know how our innovative solutions can help you? Let’s take a look at one of them this week! Our DynamicTalk.

Let’s think about a boardroom or an auditorium. Certainly there is a need to provide optimal acoustics, so that the audience or the meeting attendees can hear perfectly. The use of gooseneck microphones is the right solution since they are adjustable through a flexible shaft, allowing the microphone to be positioned in the best possible perspective for sound.

retractable microphone for meeting roomsretractable microphone for meeting rooms

This is the reason why the use of gooseneck microphones is standard in meeting spaces, boardrooms, speaker podiums and conference rooms around the world. Gooseneck microphones allow users to move the microphone closer to their mouth, resulting in a clear and transparent audio pickup.

But what happens when flexibility and space optimisation are a must? Perhaps there is not a permanent need for microphones, maybe there is an spontaneous small committee meeting where audio reinforcement is not needed.

motorised microphone retracted

Think about a system that allows users to choose the availability of a gooseneck microphone. The microphone will only appear when needed and will disappear inside the desk by the touch of a button. Imagine also that this system provides a central element to ensure the correct position of the microphone and its automatic retraction and think of this central element as a translucent ring that can be lit up in different colours to identify the speaker.

microphone for speaker identificationretractable gooseneck microphone

This is what our DynamicTalk is about! And please do not forget that it can be customised to work with different conference brands.

monitors and installations for auditoriums

The LED light of the microphone shows the availability of the speaker to talk to the audience.


Arthur Holm patents: MU17322ES00/ P27284EPPC/ P27284RUPC/ P2784USPC

patented system

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