Imagine a meeting in which attendees enter the room and leave dumbfounded, positively surprised. It is scientifically proven that over time what remains in people’s minds are the things that have impacted them in a positive way: when something makes them smile, it makes them feel special and unique. And so, it helps to stimulate creativity, enhance participation, the generation of ideas and an optimal decision-making during meetings. And we love to see you smile!

That is why we strive to create unique solutions such as the DynamicSpeaker, which not only improves the acoustic quality of the room, but also integrates perfectly into the furniture and generates a surprise effect and a memorableexperience. We were the first to design and manufacture a motorized speaker for integration into tables. No one hadfallen for the benefits of such invention. Why integrate a speaker on the table if we can integrate it into the ceiling orinto the wall? Those who have tried it have given us the reason: not only does it improve the intelligibility of the speech and the quality of the audio of the room, but it causes a “wow” effect and facilitates the installation of the audio-conferencing system.

For all these reasons and for its astonishing design and functionality, DynamicSpeaker has received multiple awards (iF Design Award 2021, Silver Delta ADI 2020, Best of Show Award InfoComm 2019) and already presides importantmeeting rooms around the world.

Motorized Speaker

DynamicSpeaker is a unique speaker that enhances the acoustic performance, while creating a unique atmosphere in the meeting room. Craftsmanship, design, and audio quality rise as if by magic on the table. Investing in an audio system in a meeting or in a conference room is essential to improve speech intelligibility, improve collaboration and communication, increase productivity, and create a better user experience. And while audio intelligibility may have been only an occasional issue in meetings of times past, now that virtually every meeting hasremote participants inside and outside the organization, it’s critical for inclusion and productivity. The meeting room is where ideas are born, a sanctuary of creativity, the place where important and strategic decisions are made for companies. And if a spoken dialogue or the sound of a presentation is unintelligible, much of the communication is lost. In a meeting and conference room, there is often the need to diffuse the sound on an elongated table, ensurean audio that is dispersed naturally and close to the user, there is a need to provide the table with flexibility and there is a need to provide a design consistent with the interior design of the room. And for all these reasons we created DynamicSpeaker: a motorized speaker for integration into furniture that appears and disappears inside the table. And it’s at the table where the magic happens! If sound quality is important, so is design, optimizing the space and creating a memorable user experience!

DynamicSpeaker has been designed to be covered with the same material as the finish of the table top, so it is practically invisible when it is in a hidden position inside it. The lifting movement is harmonious, elegant, and silent. The speaker descends to then perform a rotational movement and rises again completely covering the gap in the table. This movement can be controlled remotely via RS-422 or via Arthur Holm’s wireless app: AHlink.


Motorized Speaker Motorized Speaker

Main benefits:

  • “Wow” effect
  • Natural and balanced sound diffusion in a meeting/conferencetable
  • Speech intelligibility
  • High gain before feedback
  • Audio playback close to the user
  • Limited noise pollution
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect integration into the table (designed for veneer matching the finish of the table)
  • Avoids wiring ceiling or walls

 Main features:

  • Motorized speaker concealable on tables
  • Speaker with 360º soundre production
  • 4″ bidirectional coaxial speaker, bass enhancer
  • 2 x 36W integrated ClassD bi-amplifier
  • Omnidirectional acoustic diffuser
  • Integrated DSP
  • Balanced line input
  • Controllable via RS-422 and AHlink
  • Patented product and protected design