Would you like to learn more about our products, solutions and customizations? And make sure you are completely trained and up to date on all the latest Arthur Holm and Albiral solutions!

We have now completed designing the 2024 program, and we are delighted to invite you to join our personalized training.

Our Objectives:

  1. Develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how to sell and promote both Arthur Holm and Albiral products.
  2. Learn to design system configurations using Arthur Holm and Albiral solutions.
  3. Learn to customize products by integrating third-party audio conference solutions.
  4. Demonstrate expertise, confidence and commitment to your customers.

AHL1: Sales

AHL1 - Sales

Gain a foundational knowledge of Arthur Holm and Albiral products, and the most popular solutions.

  • Course duration is 4 hours
  • Delivered online
  • Course Contents. Insight and understanding of the following award-winning products:
    • DynamicX2
    • DB2
    • DB3
    • Dynamic1H and Dynamic3
    • The manual monitors: AH1 and AH2
    • DynamicTalk
    • DynamicX2Talk (the new AHBus)
    • UnderCover solutions
    • DynamicShare and DynamicLoop
    • DynamicSpeaker
    • Insights into camera solutions
    • Insights into connection solutions
  • Online Exam
  • Certification: AHL1
  • This certificate is valid for one year

AHL2: Pre-sales and Design Solutions


Learn and understand how to design systems using DynamicShare and DynamicLoop, the advantages of ERT, the AHNet protocol and the AHlink, and how to customize products by integrating conference brands.

  • Course duration is 4 hours
  • Delivered Online
  • Course Contents:
    • AHNet/AHlink
    • ERT-30 and ERT-60
    • Designing systems with DynamicShare/DynamicLoop
    • DynamicMCS: Video signal management
    • Customizing DynamicX2Talk and DynamicTalk
  • Online Exam
  • Certification: AHL2
  • This certificate is valid for one year

Please, contact us to sign in at marketing@arthurholm.com