Feel the magic at the Arthur Holm booth, where innovation meets inspiration! Join us at booth C5169 in InfoCommUSA 2024 for an immersive journey into the future of meeting room technology.

Are you searching for transformative products to elevate the design of your meeting room, boardroom, or conference space? Look no further! Make sure to carve out time in your schedule to explore our offerings at booth C5169 during InfoComm.

Register for a free ticket using VIP code ART259, and don’t forget to secure your spot for a personalized guided tour with our team!

So, what can you expect to discover?

● Prepare to be dazzled by the “game changer” DB3!

● Experience the versatility of the one-of-a-kind multi-position foldable monitor Dynamic3!

● Witness the seamless integration of our “BYOD ready retractable sharing solution,” DB2Share!

● Explore the customizable and effortlessly veneerable UnderCover!

● Immerse yourself in the exceptional range of DynamicTalk solutions!

● Discover the retractable camera solutions DynamicCL and DynamicMCS!

● Listen to the award-winning DynamicSpeaker and MarineSpeaker!

● Explore the widest range of customized motorized solutions tailored for institutional applications!

While you’re welcome to drop by our booth anytime, for a comprehensive and informative tour led by our product specialists, we recommend booking your slot in advance by by filling out the following form: Arthur Holm InfoComm Booth Tour Registration

Prepare to be inspired, informed, and amazed at booth C5169 – see you there!