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Microphone – MicConnect
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Microphone – MicConnect

Connect and go

Arthur Holm’s MicConnect is a static surface mount for XLR microphones with integrated shock mount, push to talk button and microphone status LED. The microphone is very easy to connect and disconnect. A special tool (included with the product) is necessary to remove the microphone. When there is no microphone connected the XLR connector is covered by a lid integrated in the system. MicConnect is made of stainless steel and standard and customized finishes are available.

passive microphone surface mount for XLR microphones
surface mount for microphones
XLR MicConnect microphone support
MicConnect microphone surface support


MicConnect range
  • XLR connector
  • Integrated shock mount
  • Push-to-talk button
  • LED status indicator
  • Cover plate
  • Stainless steel. Optional matte finish, or can be veneered to match the furniture

  • Buttons
  • Push to talk button, push the button to lift the lid

  • Activation
  • Microphone installed, push the button to activate/deactivate the system

  • Main control
  • Main control depends on the audio unit

  • LED’s
  • Green and red LED is activated from the main audio unit.
    (5Vdc Voltage)

  • Microphone Input
  • XLR3 pin standard microphone connector below the lid with integrated shock mount.

  • Microphone Output
  • 3 pin terminal block, located on the lower part of the MicConnect

  • Controls
  • 6 pin terminal block, located on the lower part of the MicConnect
    Contact close push button
    5Vdc Led power indicators