The conference room at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in Al Khobar

The conference room at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in Al Khobar

Capturing the spirit of the users and recreating it in every meeting room: This is the very essence of Arthur Holm. The conference room at this Saudi university is a good example: unique, secure, functional, inspiring, automated, flexible and sustainable. This superb audiovisual integration was designed by systems integrator ENPRO, and features Arthur Holm's unique DB2, Dynamic3, DynamicTalk UnderCover, Courtesy Boxes and DynamicChairDisplay.

Saudi Arabia is a country firmly committed to high-quality education. It has built world-class universities that offer the finest education in engineering, computer science, business management, among other subjects. Higher education in Saudi Arabia is highly regarded and universities offer world-class degree programmes, with impressive facilities, professors and curriculum. University campuses are fast becoming true cities, attracting international academic staff, and with the aim to be among the best in the world in the near future.

The private Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University is in Al Khobar and was built by private Saudi investors (under the direction of His Highness Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Abdulaziz).

The system integrator ENPRO was able to capture perfectly all requirements, by combining different Arthur Holm solutions in a large oval wooden table featuring a stylish beige leather interior band. The main speaker has a Dynamic3 monitor, complete with an integrated retractable cable that allows the connection of portable devices, keyboard and mouse. The Dynamic3 can be used both vertically and horizontally, while maintaining a perfect flushed fit to the table’s surface. The speaker is flanked by two additional Dynamic3s to assist the user during presentations. All other participants have DB2 monitors, also fitted with motorized retractable HDMI cables. DB2 monitors are unique in their field and only take 2 cm width of the table surface; extremely discreet and elegant, they blend with the furniture design as much as possible. Courtesy Boxes conceal tissues and water bottles, offering comfort to the participants, and the customized DynamicTalk includes voting and ID card reader.

In addition, at the side of the room close to the conference table, are armchairs equipped with DynamicChairDisplay, the only motorized retractable monitor on the market that can be integrated into armrests. This allows those seated in the armchairs the comfort to view the multimedia content of the meeting.

The adjustment and configuration of all Arthur Holm’s motorized systems are easily achieved via the AHlink app. The AHlink app can be downloaded free on iOS and Android devices. The integrator is able to configure basic parameters when installing Arthur Holm’s products, and also offers additional advanced functions to make installation easier and faster. The app automatically detects available equipment and offers product-specific functionalities. AHlink makes it possible to obtain serial numbers, adjust the systems to the microphone length, and set the mute function or define the LED colour indicators (in the case of DynamicTalk), check the internal motion sensors, display AHnet commands and IP address, access the configuration parameters to change speeds and safeguards, and run the auto-tuning function.

AHlink delivers comfort and convenience to the mobile world, allowing to reduce costs and working hours to concentrate on what really matters: to create inspiring spaces where ideas flow and productivity and efficiency are enhanced.

So, this is Arthur Holm’s unique contribution to create a memorable, durable and inspirational experience that helps you make the best decisions. By listening carefully to each room’s needs, tailoring technology to be part of the space’s interior layout, and respecting the furniture design and construction as much as possible.

  • Integrator: ENPRO
  • Distributor: Venuetech
  • Video: Arthur Holm, AMX, Sony, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Polycom
  • Audio: Televic
  • Table: Gesab


About ENPRO:

Energy Projects Support Company Ltd. Enpro is a Saudi based company and one of its main business  sectors  is  audio-visual (AV) and communications division that specialises in the provision of turn-key AV solutions that enhance business communication and interactivity. ENPRO was estab­lished in 1995 by l 00% Saudi business Group and located at AI-Khobar (KSA). It has succeeded in building a solid reputation as a premier provider of cutting-edge solutions, and value-added services in a variety of specialised areas, establishing a record of flawless execution of key projects for major enterprises, as well as government branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Enpro gains its strength from its ability to consistently deliver services to its clients from understanding initial require­ments and system design, to managing project delivery and system commissioning. Enpro is fortified by strong industry-leading Partners that work to support us in reflecting our professionalism all the time. Since its inception, Enpro has been developing its market to expand solutions for Audio Visual, Video conferencing, Wireless Communi­cation, Industrial automation, Management and Security System, as well as data communication and networking. Enpro provides professional AV applications that can be found in commercial, government, education, religious and transportation facilities including installation ,testing and commissioning and after sale support resulting in full turn-key solution.

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